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AccessPORT User Survey 2010

At COBB Tuning we are always working to make our products perform better. We do this by improving ease of use with intuitive menus and features or increasing the performance and enjoyment of their cars with our Off the Shelf maps.

To that end, we want to know what you like about the AccessPORT. What features can you not live without? What features don’t ever get used? What would you change about the AccessPORT to make it better? This is your chance to sound off. Your input will help determine the course of future AccessPORT development.

Please respond to the survey below. Feel free to add in your own comments and criticisms. Would you like to see a feature or function added to the AccessPORT? Let us know. Now is your opportunity to tell COBB Tuning how we can make the AccessPORT better than ever.

Thank you for participating in our survey. As a company of automotive enthusiasts, we endeavor to build products that other automotive enthusiasts will appreciate and enjoy. We will be monitoring and participating in this thread so speak your mind. You can respond here or send us your responses to [email protected]

COBB Tuning
AccessPORT Development Team

1. What is your favorite AccessPORT Feature?

2. What AccessPORT features do you use on a regular basis?

3. How often do you use your AccessPORT to change maps?

4. How often do you use your AccessPORT to data log?

5. What are some of the features you never use on your AccessPORT?

6. What are the AccessPORT features you cannot live without?

7. If your AccessPORT only had 5 features, what would they be in order of importance?

8. What features would you add to the AccessPORT?

9. What is your opinion of COBB Tuning’s Off the Shelf (OTS) Maps? Do you use them? If so why? If not why not?

10. What maps do you use most often? What maps do you never use? Which maps would you add?

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