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Additional Treatments

"The Optional Packages"

Why not take it a step further?

Alltorqueuk's services are not restricted to just our packages. Add any of these optional extra treatments to our existing packages, or just have them done separately!

Diamondbrite rain repellent

Diamondbrite Rainscreen leaves a non-stick coating causing rain to form into droplets, which aerodynamically clear from the windscreen reducing he amount of time you have to use your windscreen wipers. It gives an amazing improvement in wet weather visibility. It is ideal for windscreens, side & rear windows, headlights & side view mirrors. One application should last up to 6 months under normal use.

£10 (with any package Silver or higher) £30 as a standalone treatment)

Diamondbrite anti-mist

Diamondbrite Anti Mist is for use on interior glass to stop condensation forming.

£10 (with any package Silver or higher)

Diamondbrite carpet and fabric protection

Diamondbrite Fabric Protector has been specially developed to protect vehicle upholstery from stains. A protective invisible coating is applied so that liquid spillages simply bead up and are easily wiped away - whether coffee, tea, coke, yogurt or any other everyday liquid.

£50 (with Interior package only)

Odour removal using enzyme cleaner

Stale and unpleasant smells in car interiors can be difficult to get rid of. Caused by bacteria acting on organic matter, the only effective and long term solution to the problem is to tackle the organic matter the bacteria thrive on. Whilst many air fresheners simply mask the smell, Enzyme Odour Eater breaks down organic matter, thereby removing the smell at source.

£40 (with Interior package only)

Air Con Bomb

Air con bomb (citrus) provides a fast and effective way to sanitise and deodorise vehicle interiors. Air-conditioning systems draw external air into the air cooling system, yet despite the existence of filters, spores, organic and inorganic matter find their way into the ducts, tubes and ventilators that combine to supply treated air to the passenger compartments. Due to the rapid cooling that occurs when the air-conditioning is employed condensation forms on the interior surfaces of the air distribution system providing an environment that will support the growth of bacteria, fungi and moulds. These can contribute to unpleasant odours within the vehicle along with, as one example, spores liberated from the growing organisms, which can contribute to asthma and other respiratory conditions. This simple to use one shot aerosols require no additional equipment. The dispensed bactericide is combined with molecules that effectively disable odour causing substances. The inside of air-conditioning systems and vehicle interior and left sanitised and protected against further contamination plus a fresh citrus like aroma is imparted . Its recommended to re-treat the vehicle on a 6 monthly / annual basis.


Diamondbrite Chewing gum removal

This product has been specially formulated for the removal of chewing gum from carpets, rugs, upholstery and most hard surfaces.


Magic tree

Little Trees are disposable air fresheners in the shape of a stylized evergreen tree, marketed for use in cars. They are made of a material very similar to beer coasters and are produced in a variety of colors and scents. They are most commonly seen hanging from rear-view mirrors on front windshields.

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