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ACspeedtech are very proud to be an official UK dealer for ADV.1 Wheels, as seen on the Boulder Nissan GTR (ADV.1 Gallery) and on the AMS Alpha X GTR (ADV.1 Gallery), we can now easily bring these custom forged wheels to you in the UK. From the custom forged 3 piece deep concave application to the 1 piece forged trakfunction range, there is a range for all.

Wheel design is a form of art just like any other type of design, what sets our wheels aside from the others is mainly due to the simple fact that our wheels aren't designed around the others. Our competitors design their wheels 2 dimensionally by simply choosing an existing style found online and modifying it, with no regard for the profile, details and angles.

The use of high quality parts and assembly procedures. Through years of trial and error, and lessons learned we've come to realize that cutting corners and costs can cost more in the long run. Inferior, inexpensive parts and materials can and will lead to problems. All parts, finishes, sealants and procedures used by ADV.1 are chosen with no regard to cost, or profit margins.

Our wheels are simple, timeless, and at the same time recognizable in a crowd of other styles. Why? Our wheels aren't designed by a contracted engineer, a hired staff member, or any other type of industrial engineer, they're designed by our company's President, Jordan Swerdloff. What this means is, ADV.1 is not a wheel brand like all the others, making replicas of all the other wheels, instead it's a design company, who's own president is the designer. This isn't something we got into because it looked profitable, it's something we've simply always been. It's similar to an artist painting for profit, mimicing what he or she thinks will sell as opposed to an artist painting for their own enjoyment and from the heart.

Becoming known as THE premium custom wheel manufacturer, the quality, styling and reputation of ADV.1 is unquestionable. ACspeedtech are able to cater to your wishes and bring your order of ADV.1 wheels to reality. Tyres can be fitted, wheels can be balanced, and you can drive away to search for that picturesque spot to take much needed pictures. Please contact us for any information, and click below to view the fantastic ADV.1 website to view the product and discover more about the processes.

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