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To all members

We would like to officially Announce we are now the ADV1 official dealer as per the ADV1 website and we have stock for some super cars and display wheels to view...

Not just 1 display wheel but a variety of wheels to see.. In various colours and finishes.

We have even invested a display wheel for each of the variants of models ADV1 do for each individual style.
If you are not aware of this incredible brand then you need to take note now... They have 4 main variants of wheels..
- Deep Concave
- Track spec
- monoblock
- mv.2
We can also offer SL versions of each which are super light.
Titanium fasteners are even available on 3pc versions at additional costs.. Weight saving even more.

Please just ask us for more information and see our website
( ADV.1 Alloy Wheels // Projex UK // Alloy Wheels Specialist ) for more designs and colours we can offer.
ADV1 are the ultimate wheels for bespoke service and unique look.

See some of the cars we have done already and in 2014 we have more cars to photo with these wheels on, we will post other cars even if not GTR to give you all a idea.
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