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I had a few PM's about these, but nothing rever came of them in the end, do these are still for sale

They are the Advan RA3-DT's in a 17x9.5J and offset of ET19

They have been powder coated in a bronze, the same colour that the Volk TE37's and Rota GTR's come in

They have a nice dish to them, and with them being 9.5" wide with a 19mm offset, really fill out the arches

They come complete with the Advan centre cap, which usually get lost when balancing new tyres

Tyres on there are the Falken GR's in a 245/45

Also included is 25 internal drive Advan wheel nuts (M12x1.25)

So thats wheels including tyres, centre caps and wheel nuts!

And they look sweet when on the car

£475 including next day delivery via DHL


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