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Hi all, i recently fitted a Greddy TD06SG 25G on my RB25 anlong with a Greddy Manifold and Greddy 50mm External wastegate.
We got all the oil lines and everything else bolted on today and
Upon starting her up, the oil pressure didn't seem as high as usual. The factory gauge read 2bar and my aftermarket was saying around 30psi on idle.
Whats concerning me the most is after she sat on the drive with the engine runing for about 10-15mins (hasnt been started for just over a month) the oil temp rose to just a fraction under 100. I've never had such a high reading on the car before with my old set up, even after a good thrashing it only just reached 90-95max.
I don't have a uprated oil cooler fitted, can anybody hazard a guess as to why temps should be so high, and does the the Greddy need an oil restrictor or something? Thanks folks:confused:
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