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Hey all, been on here for a couple of weeks staying quiet and just reading reading... and uh, more reading. :cool: I've been trying to find a decent setup to net me somewhat substantial gains on a decent budget and came up with the following:

R34 N1 tubs
Tomei Poncams
Apexi PFC and AFM's (z32?) (300z?)

I'm not clear on what type of power I should see with this or what type of fueling support I would need. I'm guessing 555cc? more? pump? Currently I have yellow top injectors 0J50 8122d (stock 440cc from what I gather) Also would I need the cam gears (adjustable I'm assuming) to go with the poncams? Also I was told the motor had an R34 head on the 32 block, any differect cam specs involved there?

I'd really like to go with some better turbo's but N1's seem pretty affordable around $700 vice $2k for new HKS or Trust.

Advise/direction would be greatly appreciated.

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