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My car is a R33 GTSt automatic and currently running at 340bhp and I have read that there are automatics that have been tuned to run at 400bhp and would like to achieve somewhere around this mark.

My current set up is:
Trust downpipe & decat pipe
Japspeed exhaust
Greddy fmic
Greddy boost controller
Turbo technic hybid turbo
Nismo 555 injectors
Upgraded fuel pump
Iridium plugs
Splitfire coilpacks
HKS style turbo elbow

My tuner says the car can give a lot more but the AFM is Max'ed out. It is set up to run at 1bar.

As it's an automatic I can't use a Power FC and my tuner is not keen on Greddy emanage hence I went the route of the SAFC II. Can anyone see a way of squeezing some more out of the old girl. Any advise would be appreciated.

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