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Hello everyone! :wavey:

I open the thread to show you my new acquisition

But first here is my GT-R33 V-spec is also go this Saturday ... :bawling:

And here is his worthy successor arrived today !!!

You all have understood my first goal, the faster the rise !!! :D

In anticipation bumper and side skirts Nismo,
Spoiler carbon may be carbon trunk ...;)

Sorry for my mistakes writing if any because I'm not a good bilingual and I
also helps me a translator ...


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Today my coach builder came to see the GTR and good news!

As expected the side are not affected and no need to cut and weld a new skirt, everything is recoverable as little depressed! ;)

Tomorrow I'm going to order Nissan parts it in me to go and it's part to work.

Normally it will be ready by the end of the month ... :D

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I do not even have said it already has as part ...

Here is the list:
-Blitz sus power air cleaner
-Trust front pipe
-Ganador full titanium exhaust systèm
-HKS Hyper Max2 coilover suspension
-Blitz 18° TechnoSpeed Z1 wheel
-265-35-18 Faken FK452 tires
-Ganador aero mirror carbon type
-Nismo clear front marker lens
-Nismo clear side marker lens
-Nismo upgraded clutch
-Aftermarket CPU
-Trust Profec B Boost controller
-Apex turbo timer
-Blitz boost gauge
-Nismo 320km full scale meter
-Stainless braded brake hose
-HKS super fire racing S35-i Spark plug
-Nismo Veruspeed oil filter
-Nismo fuel regulator

All on a car at 50000km or 31,000 miles


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Salut Romain,

Donc tu vas homologuee la GTR en France . . j`ai cru que c`etait impossible.

Fais nous voir des photos quand la R est finit.


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