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Have just replaced original turbos with some 34 N1 Turbos.

I have had car for 2.5 years of which no time has been spent on the road still as import -
1st year had a body rebuild new panels paint etc etc

When first got car had a full service done new boots new twin plate clutch all new fluids etc etc
Next year car was stripped and had panels replaced new rails new glass etc etc
Last year had front turbo blow (took me a year to figure this out)
Got around to getting some second hand 34 N1s over christmas and have just done the install.

After install I found a small oil leak from the front oil banjo bolt (tweaked washer) fixd

Then I had a small gasket leak from rear dump to front pipe (front pipe seat slightly warped so flatened it out etc)

Now I have some darkish smoke coming from in between two turbos? Cant see anything from underneath
At first I can see front o2 sensor line is crossing between hard oil and water lines so maybe melting rubber but cant visually see this? Other then that Im not sure what it could be it seems like coming from below turbos? Any ideas?

My rims are off at the moment getting fixd so cant take it out for test drive and check Im making boost. From idle it sounds like car is reving fine etc.
Car is blowing little white smoke etc can this happen from stale fuel?

Im going to do a radiator flush and chuck some new coolant in.
Is there any thing else I should be checking changing?
Fuel could be year and bit old? stale?
I have done 40kms (near 2 years) since service so im guessing i dont need to do full service??

Any ideas or help would be much appreciated, This project has consumed alot of my time and I want to make sure its all perfect before I get it regod>

thanks in advance,

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was gonna say the same thing, probably oil residue burning off the exhaust if its been leaking from round there but the white smoke could be either turbo oil seals or head gasket but doubt it could be the later but out of curiosity what colour is the water in the rad? I had a similar problem with oil getting into the water but luckily was a relatively cheap fix
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