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One of the best .177 co2 air pistols you can get.

Its a Brocock, Anics Skif A3000 F1. Very powerfull for a .177 pistol. Fire pellets and bb's @ 500+ fps (feet per second).

Each magazine/ clip hold 28 pellet and or BB's !!

The trigger is a two stage type (operates like a real firearm). Slide can be used to prime/**** and also the hammer in the same way.

mag release and slide locking switches are operate with thumb on left side.

Accurate is very good, I have repeatedly hit a one inch wide post at 20 meters with the first and single shot.

Construction is top quality, abs like a real Glock.

function are superb and realistic. Design is spot on and very ergonomic around the pistol grip.

Basically the best air pistol about, Russian made and being an aftermarket special from Brocock UK.

This pistol for service by Brocock and the trigger mech was refresh/ replaced. No issues to report since.

The only down point is that flat pellets and bb's are the best types due to the loading mech, you can use long pointed type pellets as they jam the rotate mech, unless you precisely load each one dead center into the magazine slots.

This is the sale for;

One Brocock Skif A3000 F1 .177 Co2 powered air pistol.

Comes with;

- Silencer ( Screw in attachment)
- 3 x 28 capacity magazines/ clips (one is perfect, two have some cracks but can still be used, JSRammsbottom sell these for >£5 each and old crack one can be stripped for parts and so on).
- A dozen Co2 canisters ( What ever I have left you my have).
- A few hundred all sorted pellets and bb's suitable for this pistol.
- A magazine loading tool, lithium grease and some other essential accessories.

No case is included, as unfortunately I sold it with a different pistol (sorry).

Would like to see at least £125 for this pistol, Its the only one i kept ( I sold all of my collection) the reason being its was by far the best.

Just to inform you, this is not a toy and will need a copy of you ID/ passport to document a receipt (compulsory theses days).

You can not display or transport this in view of the public (by law) and it looks like a real firearm!

I can supply safety specs as these are compulsory when firing as rebounds always deflect at neck and face height!! You will most like catch one to the eyeball one day, I have had countless rebounds hit me in the neck in the past!!

You will need a LARGE garden to safely operate within the laws that are in place regarding airguns.

Be sure to spend enough time constructing a decent back stop to catch the pellet when target shooting.

Recent photos of actual item, photos taken last week;

Please contact me with any questions and queries.

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I still have this pistol, its a mean piece of kit and quite rare but at the end of the day I don't have any use for it unlike the £125 asked which will go towards my next college course installment.
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