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Envy Performance are pleased to announce that we are the exclusive UK Distributors for Japanese wheel company AME.

There range of performance and prestige wheels is fantastic.

Prices are to follow shortly although please give me a call or PM if you wish to know a price in the meantime.

Sports Wheels

Tracer Spec M

This light weight 6x2 split-spoke design has been developed to provide the highest level of heat dispersion from brake calipers. The basic design has been proven in AME’s lab tests and in race events throughout the world to be technically efficient in strength, impact and heat dispersion. The 19 inch utilizes Enkei’s MAT technology that was developed for F1 racing. The inner rim is spin cast to increase strength and uniformity in the rim alloy.

Tracer TSSC

The 17 and 18 inch wheels are cast specially cast with Enkei’s TSSC technology. TSSC is a culmination of Enkei’s casting technology that involves a series of proprietary technologies that evolves into a superior super light weight cast wheel. Both wheel types (MAT and TSSC) offer a variety of sizes and flat and tapered designs.

Circlar Spec M

This new 2 piece wheel is a combination of MAT technology rims and 5 spoke pierce bolt components. The MAT technology developed by Enkei increases the overall strength of the rim and wheel and is bolted together without welding as commonly found in 2 piece wheels. By avoiding the welding process, it increases the stability of the wheel. This wheel is specifically made for those cutting edge sports compact enthusiasts who can appreciate the superiority of this next generation sports wheel.

Circlar Spec R

The Circlar Spec R represents Japanese Sports wheel style. The metallic look of the deep machined center. The deep lip of the spoke ends. This 2 piece wheel is composed of a highly reflective base material for the rim and the disk utilizes REAMER Technology (Visual design of Front and Back of disk to increase visual XXX) that allows for quick cooling of the brake caliper. The wheels are specially designed so the Front can allow large caliper fitments and the rear has a taper design to maintain the soul of the sports wheel.
Blitz D1 team is currently being sponsored by AME and is using the Circlar Spec R in all 2005 events. They also sell the wheel under the Z4 name at a much higher price!

Circlar RS

The Circlar RS is a hybrid 2 piece that exemplifies concept of the AME Sports Line. The RS is comprised of a specially cast disk with a forged rim made with next generation forging technology. The entire AME Sports line has been developed to provide light weight with exceptional strength. The wheels have been constructed to meet the most rigorous of driving conditions while keeping their ability to disperse heat when braking.

More info available soon on website Envy Performance Ltd: AME

Best Regards,

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