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Thought I'd show you fellas my mates R33 GTS25T Sedan. Not many of them around in the UK so thought you may appreciate it.

Spec wise the engine is relatively stock, running 12psi with a boost tap, BOV and usual intake / exhaust mods. He uses it mainly for Touge runs over the local hills and drift days at our local track.

The stickers were on there to cover up imperfections in the paint lol they are gone now.


KTS Adjustable Suspension
Cusco Front & Rear Strut Braces
Nismo GT Pro 2 way LSD
Momo bucket seats
OMP Steering Wheel
400R body kit with a modified 33 Series 2 front bumper
about 10x sets of wheels and tyres lol

And a bit of the local touge...
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