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Hey guys! I recently picked up a 1999 R34 GTR V-Spec so I thought I'll share some pictures with everyone here

As some of you may know I have been a R35 owner for a fair few years - 3/4 years in the UK, 2 years (and counting) here in Singapore/Malaysia .. But somehow the 35 has never managed to quite scratch that "proper" GTR itch!

I could never justify buying a 34 while I was in the UK and with prices that just keep rising I kind of wish I did so earlier!

R34's are pretty rare and due to import laws they are even harder to come by out here.. At the moment there are only 2 for sale in the region!

I spent 3 months looking for the right car and eventually came across this beauty that I just had to have..

She's pretty well specced .. Forged internals, single turbo.. Not sure exactly how much power she's running as its not been on a dyno yet but one of the things that's on my list of things to do!

I have a few things planned over the next few months..

- Full service, belt change and retune
- Retrim stock steering wheel..previous owner had great taste but I can't stand the red Nardi wheel he put on.. I had to buy a stock steering wheel all the way from Australia!
- Paint the CF bonnet to match the rest of the car ***65288;!!)
- Headunit double din upgrade
- Tinting
- Rear spacers (or new wheels!)

Met up with a friend last week for a coffee, he bought his car a week prior!

Hope you guys enjoyed the pictures.. I can't wait to take her out again this weekend! Next up is a photoshoot with the 35!

For now I'll leave you with a spec list and a quick video of how the Nismo Spec Pro exhaust sounds..


Forged RB26
HKS Bearings
Carillo Rods
CP Pistons
ARP main head studs
ACL Race main bearings
HKS CAM Pulley
HKS Header
Garrett GTX38-R Turbo (Single)
Billion Racing PS Tank
HKS F-Con Vpro
Okada Plasma Direct Ignition Coils
ARC Intercooler
ARC Radiator
HKS Oil cooler
HKS Oil catch tank
Exedy Hyper Compe-R Twin Clutch
Nismo Spec Pro Exhaust
Nismo N1 water pump
Nismo N1 oil pump
SARD + Tomei fuel pressure regulator


Nismo MFD
Nardi Personal Steering BOSS hub
Nismo GT500 shift knob
Nismo dials
BRIDE fabric original seats


Nismo Z-tune bodykit with carbon lip
EPRacing Carbon Bonnet
Nismo LED tail lights
Night Pager rear spoiler raisers
Mines Type2 side mirrors

Chassis / Suspension / Wheels / Brakes

UR Front Strut Bar
UR Interior / Rear Strut
HICAS Delete
Ikeya Formula undercarriage
VR TE37 18x9.5J
Dunlop Direzza Tyres
HKS Hipermax III Coilovers
Alcon Big Brake Kit 6 Pot 370mm Front
4 Pot 350mm Rear
Mines Adjustable front lower arm
Nismo under floor brace
Nismo LSD

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Andrew, I'd paint the rear arch extensions too when you do the bonnet dude. Other than that you already know my thoughts:wavey:

Haha yeah bro, I can't stand the carbon dipped arches!

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Thanks guys!

Haven't been able to take her out this weekend because I have been so busy with work, depressing :(

It's all part of Nature. :popcorn::popcorn:
Haha.. 2 very different cars IMO! For all round use the 35 edges it for me :runaway:

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Some updates!

The audio system needed sorting out badly.. As much as I like keeping interior as OEM as possible, the old cassette player just had to go!

In went a new Kenwood double din unit with wifi, Bluetooth, GPS etc etc.

Fitted some sound proofing and Alpine 6.5 Co-axials all around

Reverse camera connected

Also had an alarm system installed..

Unfortunately the car wasn't running right after all the electrical work, not sure what happened but it couldn't hold idle and seemed to be misfiring. Still drives so next stop was to leave it in the dependable hands of my usual workshop

So this week she's getting the engine troubleshooting done, full oil and belt changes, redo of the intake/turbo piping it make it neater, wheel spacers, suspension tweaks.. And probably a remap

Things are getting expensive already!


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Where was the wheel retrimmed and how much if you don't mind either me asking? I like the look of that

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Hi mate they were done by a local automotive upholstery shop called Gosford Leather. I believe they are a franchise and there are branches overseas

I paid around £30 for the work, genuine leather too

Lovely car mate, what are the wheel specs of the TE37's? Im running a set and iv noticed that the rear could do with coming out around 10mm also.

Thanks man. The TE37s are 18x9.5"

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Thanks guys

Here are some more pictures

Somehow managed to lose my B Pillar on the highway! Damn clips are were so loose!

She's finally tuned properly.. 1.5 Bar

Next week my new suspension should arrive .. Tein Flex Z brand new from Japan.. Can't wait, the current HKS hipermax is just far too stiff

Also on the way to me is a new Fcon cable and a replacement B pillar!

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So it's been a few years and an update is due

As usual it's a non stop journey with a GTR and I can't remember everything that's been done to it but here are the major things :

Full respray in and out in Z Tune KY0 Silver
Ceramic Coating
New Tomei Expreme Ti Exhaust
Retune by Jun Furukawa @ ST Powered
Full interior / dash / headlining retrim in Calf Leather and Suede

Enjoy the pictures!

For more you can find me on IG @andrew186

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