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Just come back from getting 48k serviced at svm. On the way there I had a issue with my tyres, they kept and losing pressure so every sevice station I could find I had to keep toping them up, 4 times intotal.
So on arriving I explained to Amar the reason of me being late was due to the tyre playing up, for a Minute he dident belive me lol.
So after handing keys over to Amar, I was greeted by Kev who was on his way to logging one of his monster, and asked me if I would like to hold the laptop while he drives, in a heart beat I said yes pls.
First impression where how easy the car drive at low speeds exact them same as oem, I had to ask him if it was tuned and he smiled and said yes!!! Soon as the car warmed up all hell was unleased WTF!!!!! The car pind me to the seat and for a few secs I was breathless all I could say was WTF and Kev looked at me and said what do you think with a smile, my reply was awesome just awesome. They way it delivered the power was brutal and consistent I dident want to sit back in my car after the ride it's made my car feel slow :( thanks Kev for making my day it was just worth come for that alone :bowdown1:
Went back to workshop and Amar and the boys had the car ready and told me the valve was lose on the wheel so they had to re tight it and free of charge thanks guys for another great service and Kev I've still go a smile on my face while I'm typing this :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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