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Hello, thought i'd post my episode having just seen the last post..

Anyway, I rang them 3 weeks before my warranty expired to get the bellhousing checked,i finally got through having left serveral messages. Adam the rep indicated they were fully booked up and could not look at the car before the warranty expired - ok fair enough, ill just have to live with it..

A few weeks later and a letter arrives about the streeing issue advising of a re-call to NHPC for a free fix. So again I call Nissan, a couple of attempts later and I get a call from Adam to book the car in and was advised they were fully booked up for a couple of week, so I booked the car in for the week after (last Friday).

We spoke again about the bellhousing and they offered to take a look, confirming it had indeed"gone" and needed replacing @ 2k, they would not entertain a "good will guesture" as the car was modified, which i replied "The modifications have nothing to do with your defect ", but either way they were not prepared to pass it through to Nissan..

I asked how much the G1 42'000 was and were they prepared to match the likes of the after market dealers to which they replied £262 which is around £120 more expensive, oh and they wanted £120 to register a TPMS sensor, just daylight robbery if you ask me, you can imagine what my response was !

There is clearly a lack of GTR dealers in the south if Nissans are fully booked up everytime i ring !!
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