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Hi all,

So I thought I should probably start a thread seeing as I now own a car that I bought from seeing advertised on the forum.

My name is Ant, i'm 24 and live in East Yorkshire, I bought the car off of Oggers on here... (Will post up some photos when I have 15 posts.)

I bought the car due to an unfortunate set of circumstances, with part of the life insurance money from my mum's death. It's quite a nice spec, 444.2bhp with a fresh forged engine, BBS LMs, HKS suspension, Recaro buckets.

Anyway after driving it for about 2 weeks, someone decided to drive into the back of me, TWICE.

So it's currently sat in my garage with the whole back end cut out, luckily I was able to source half an R32, with no rust and in a nice straight condition. So as it sits, it's waiting for the boot floor and rear panel to be welded back in, painted, and back on the road. (Which seems to be a slow process at the moment...)

HOWEVER, once this is back on the road, there will be some big changes coming, hoping to hit the 800bhp mark... watch this space.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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