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Last night my car started playing up:

The clutch biting point is VERY high and not very much play in it either and the gearbox is now very stiff to move until the car starts moving then it frees up.

I know i am missing two synchro clips from 3rd/4th gear but would that explain my problem?

My clutch was new 3/4 months ago and is an OSG STR twin plate.

Only real use it has had since being fitted is two launches for 0 - 60 and one 15 min track session.

My gearbox needed a rebuild anyway to sort the synchro clips but im very worried about the clutch as there is no way there should be any issues with that. It is rated above my power level (im running 550ish fhp) and it hasnt been abused. When launching i dont slip the clutch to build boost i just rev and dump it (obv if anything is going to break from that will be driveshaft or gearbox).

Any ideas?
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