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Various industrial electrical items for sale

New: Maplins 4mm test probe leads
New: Multiple packs of black 9.5mm shrink tubing. 1.2 mtres each 20 packs
New: 1" DIA shrink tubing 3 mtres.
New: 50.8 mm dia clear shrink tubing (12" long) pack of 19 (1 missing)
New: Various amp Ferraz Shawmut 10 X 38 Fuses
New: 5mm X 20mm 5A glass fuses pack of 10
New: Entrelec small terminal blocks
New: Pheonix circuit contact breakers (small 2.5N)
New: MK earthing blank double socket blanking plates.
New: White Nylon 8mm thread blanking nuts
New: Rubber lined pipe fixing clamps (up to 22mm dia)with 10mm threaded hex integral

Anything you need there?
Job lot or seperate pieces?

let me know if you want anything:)
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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