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...that would feel like chatting to me about their car?

Hi to all of you.

I live in the New Forest, not far from Southampton.
I assume there is at least one owner round these parts, keep seeing a red one. So I am hoping that like me, there is someone willing to show off their p&j and chat to a like minded petrolhead.

I have been a board member for many years, but I was never much of a poster, on any forum.

I currently drive a C63 coupe, it's an animal, but sometimes lacks something for me. I don't know what it lacks, maybe it does not look special enough. I really don't know.

I have had Skyline GTR's before and they always had bags of character.

I think I am just after some honest feedback from an owner, who runs one everyday. I realise that folks could answer my questions here, but chatting to someone face to face can often reveal the passion behing the words. If you know what I mean?

Thanks chaps.
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