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Hi, :)

After a few bits to repair my R32 GTS. I've compiled a list of parts which I need... just to see if anybody has any of them for a reasonable price.

Centre airvent in dash

Passenger front airvent

Centre console surround from Automatic model

Climate control digital unit in dash

NSF door window off 4-Door model

NSF wing mirror

Fusebox cover for dash

Rear parcel shelf speaker covers - Off 4-door

Rear speakers

Front door speakers

Headlights GTR or GTS.

Front bumper - GTS

OSF Indicator - GTS in amber

Front bumper reinforcer - GTS

Radiator from Automatic model (Due to auto box oil cooler)

Radiator fan plastic shroud

Rear 4-door bumper

NSF anti-roll bar link - GTS

The 3 connectors, which connect into the back of the speedo dials. I need these connectors cut off... with about a couple of inches worth of wire still on them, where they go into the connectors. Need these, due to previous owner cutting the wires off right at the edge of the connectors, so can't rewire them.

2 x brake pipes from brake servo, to each of the front flexi hoses for the brakes.

This is just a list of parts which ideally I would want. Most I want as spares... as most of the 4-door bits are pretty hard to get hold of.

If anybody has a good few of these bits, I could buy some as a bulk buy?

Will be going to see an R32 at a breakers near to me on Tuesday... so may see if I can pick some of the bits up from there. :clap:

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R32 Bits.


I have the following going spare in my garage. Have been meaning to advertise them but havnt got around to it yet so if any of them are any use to you PM me with an offer.

Front bumper (the back has been cut away to make room for GTR intercooler & its pipes).

Both front indicators


Bonnet catch

Both front wings

Front & rear seats

18" wheels & tyres 265 rear / 235 front

All parts came off a 1991 R32 2 door but I would imagine most of them would be the same although I dont know for sure.


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Bren, do you have any pics of the front bumper and the OSF indicator? How much would you want for them?

Cheers Rich, exactly what I was looking for. :)

If anybody has anything off the list, please let me know. :)

EDIT: Doh! Just realised the one's in the above ebay link are from Australia. :(
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