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Here's a post from our 200sx BB.

After seeing a post about a carcare servicing plan, I have set up an agreement for my car for £38.61p Per Month. This includes using the tyres of my choice (225/45/17 SO3's or F1's), oil changes every 3000miles using Mobil 1 15w/50 and servicing every 6000miles. I have made provisions for all my servicing to be done by Dragon Autosport (or whoever you want i.e not Nissan). This price include MOT pick/delivery of your vehicle. If anyone else wants a policy like this they can quote "beaumont20". Phone 0845-252-909. Seems like I win all the way. I know this is still £463.32 for the year but it gives you the oportunity to spread the cost of your sevicing through out the year.

Take a look for yourself here:

I'm waiting for some hard details so I can look into it further.

What do you think?
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