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Hi all,

Looking at purchasing a Skyline once I have got rid of my lil r32 golfy!!, (hopefully wednesday).

I'm hoping to spend between 9k and 11k max on either a 32 or 33, but ideally looking for around 600hp. Is this a realistic target with my budget?

I have been looking at a few possible targets, and was wondering if anybody on the forum knew anything about these cars or has any advice for me!!

Car 1:

Brief spec,

Had an engine rebuild last year,to inc.Forged pistons,new crankshaft,water pump,oil pump,etc.
HKS 2510 Turbos
HKS Intercooler
HKS Induction
HKS Fuel Pump
HKS Injectors
Tomei Fuel Pressure Regulator
Apexi ECU with hand controller
Spitfire Coil Packs
Twin Plate Hyper Excedy Clutch
Blitz Nur Spec Exhaust
Ohlins Coilovers
Rays Wheels
Lots of work carried out this year,Full service,all new bushes fitted to rear subframe,subframe powder coated,4 Wheel alignment,
Rolling Road set up (Abbey Motorsport)

Has also had 2k worth of brake kit, but can't quite figure out which from the photo, possibly D2? Altho didn't think they were that dear.

Car 2:


- Trust T88-34D Turbo Kit (Rebuilt same time as engine)900bhp

- r32 block

- Head drag ported oversized exhaust ports
- 87.5mm forge Pistons
- steel Con Rods
- Fully balanced Crank
- Modified sump/oil pickup
- HKS 1.2mm metal head gasket
- n1 Uprated oil pump and water pump
- Apexi V-MAX Step 2 cams (270 duration 11.4mm lift)
- Apexi V-MAX Valve Spring Kit
- Apexi Valve Lifter Kit
- 1000cc injectors
- HKS fuel rail
- 2 x Atec fuel filters
- 2 x In-tank Nismo fuel pumps
- Greddy 16 row oil cooler with remote oil filter
- Greddy intercooler
- Greddy uprated ally radiator
- Hks uprated cambelt
- Greddy Type-R BOV (with stiff spring)
- Samco coolant hoses
- Trust front pipe and exhaust
- HKS Super Powerflow Air filter
- Oil catch tank
- greddy clear cam cover
- hks adjustible pulleys

Drive train:

- R32 5 Speed box recently refreshed
- OS Giken triple plate clutch
- Uprated LSD's (F & R)


- HKS Hiper Drag suspension
- Drag modified rear subframe
- Nismo front suspension bushes
- Endless brake pads
- Hicas lock bar
- 10 x 18 volks style Alloys
- 265/35/18 yoko advans Tyres

-Greddy fuel pressure gauge
- HKS F-CON V Pro ECU (AFM's have been removed)
- Greddy boost controller
- Apexi 60mm Boost and EGT Gauges (with peak hold)
- Launch control/flat-shift system (Unknown make)
- Line lock
- hks oil pressure gauge

- full 6 point cage
- Momo sports steering wheel
- Razo shift knob
- Robson leather carbon-look gear shift and handbrake boots
- cobra monco seats and rails
- Hicas, ABS & Air Con hardware have been removed
- New dash vents


- top secret carbon bonnet

- as carbon canards

- as carbon front lip

- nismo rear lip

- volk/rays te37 /10x18 et15 allround

new cambelt and idler pulleys was fitted this week ready for another 100k

All the work was carried out to a high standard must have cost in excess of 50k to build

the car is excellent and ready to use i also have all power read out for 650bhp when it was mapped in the uk

Car 3:

Car 3

I've owned a few Jap cars before, a couple of GTI-Rs and more recently an Evo 6 RS but none of them were massive power.
Or do I aim for something with a bit less power and maybe a bit newer and fresher?

All help appreciated,


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I'm in the almost exact same position. You've missed out on this one:

Nissan : Skyline R32 GTR / 600hp + / RB Motorsport Built

It was colinduncan's one on here so well known. RB motorsport built.
Was sold last week unfortunately.

This one is another nice one, leaves room in your budget to bring it up to your desired spec. Unfortunately sold as well.


This one caused a bit of a ruckus on here when it first came on the market with accusations flying back and forth. But I noticed it has resurfaced:

Nissan : Immaculate Feast Power Prepared 650 BHP + GT-R

I think if you do a search on here, you'll also find that a lot has been said about this car:

Trying to find a nice car in our price range is quite bewildering. I find that good ones don't stay on the market for long so it needs quick action (like buying anything really).

Of course, the REALLY nice R32s are in a higher price range.

I've now probably decided to narrow down my search to R33s, with a bit more leeway on budget.

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Yeah had a look over all those except the one with the Nur spec stuff.

I did read some posts re. the feast prepped one aswell, shame really as it sorta puts you off even looking, but that said it can save you a whole load of crap!!!

The Calder one I'm sure has been up for sale for a while now too, not sure if there's any particular reason for that?

With that sort of budget its right in the middle of top spec and clean fairly standard examples, I was reading a post earlier about how a guy had bought one with a similar spec to 'Car 2' on the Saturday then by the monday it had a failure!! Thats why it would be great to know if anyone knew any of the history of these cars.

I quite like the first one, sounds pretty solid and looked after with replaced subframe etc, but then its the least powerful of the three and I really want something stupid and lairy, before I get too old and sensible!!! LOL!

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You need to decide what you want from the car, road, drag, or track. Then get the best one you can, that doesn`t have to be the highest horsepower.

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Another option is to look for a lower spec car (that's also a lot cheaper) but with most of the necessary upgrades done.

Then you can spend the rest of your budget to bring it up to your desired spec.

It's a bit more work, but perhaps safer.

There's a couple of R32s with freshly-built forged engines on the market. The blue one is on here.

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what do you want the car for as stated above

drag, track, etc?

daily driver?

then decide ...

Yeah totally agree but then they all have their appealing sides!! Maybe I'm looking for a blend of all, thats not too much to ask is it!! ;):nervous:

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Ya mate them brakes are D2's, depends totally on where he purchased them from, i got a set of 356mm 8pots for my supra and they cost me 900 euros delivered from new zealand from a seller on ebay and the exact same setup from a uk seller on ebay was 1150 sterling lol
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