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I haven't been to any of the Tokyo P.A.s in a while, so I thought I would see if anyone wanted to meet up next weekend.

The three most visited ones are Tatsumi, Hakozaki and Shibaura.

Tatsumi is good sized and can accomdate about 20-30 cars in the front and rear parking.

Hakozaki is really small, and also confusing to get to. Can probably fit 10 cars inside if no one else is there.

Shibaura can fit quite a few and is also partiall covered.

To get to Tatsumi, head accross Rainbow bridge going towards the Wangan. At the exit for the Wangan, go the left way, heading towards Narita. Take the Highway 9 exit to go back into Tokyo. It's at the top of the ramp, just before the long sweeping left bend.

To get to Hakozaki, the easiest way is to get on the Wangan, towards Narita from either Rainbow Bridge or a little bit more south. Take the Highway 9 exit and follow it towards Tokyo. There is a sign for the P.A. exit. Once you get down, make a right turn and go straight. You'll come to another right turn. Take it and you'll see the P.A.

Shibaura is also easy to get to.
Take the Rainbow Bridge inbound to Tokyo from the Wangan. The entrance will be on your left on the first right hand bend after you cross the bridge. You'll end up going down and to the right and end up under the highway. Be careful, the turn and downgrade are steep, so take it at an easy pace.

Hope some of you can make it.
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