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the apet gtr has had a new shiny coat of paint and we had it out playing at a local event we ran no nitrous and low boost as it was not a big event
a break in the ignitor loom ruined our day but got one run without the huge miss till the shock load of changing to third pulled the broken loom apart so just let it roll the rest of the way.....ran 6.9 for the 1/8th and some how won

heres a pic of the new paint job in the local rag

Nissan GT-R running 1100hp at 1/8 Mile Sprint | Drivesouth New & Used Cars , Motoring News , Reviews

and heres a vid of the 1st/2nd you can see we still need traction advice it did this to hossier quick time pros

YouTube - rob dale in the apet gtr drag car wins dunedin drags 2009

any thoughts on how to launch it harder

thanks to rob from rips for the offer of last minute fuel
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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