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- Apex´i EL II" -meters ja controlbox, black gauge face, electronic boost, oilpressure and water temp 550€.

- Tech Edge LA1 52 mm AFR-meter, green face, 80€

- Autometer MonsterCarbon 5" rev meter+ big shift light, 11.000rpm, 180€.

I might sell my rare and original Trust Gracer -bodykit for Nissan Skyline GTR R32, a few battle scars. Offers?
TRUST GRacer Full Aero Body Kit BNR32 GT-R

Stock rear lights BNR32 no light covers, 50€
Complete rear seat BNR32 40€
Stock coil set of 6, BNR32 6 kpl 50€
Middle plate between valve covers+ pulleycover BNR32 both 40€ each.
Stock fuel cell 50€
Stock mirrors , white, BNR32 80€
320 km/h gauge cluster BNR32, for models newer than -92, 100€
BNR32 1992 stock rear boot + stock wing, 100€

Stuff in Finland, payment with Paypal or upon arrival.
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