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Hi all,

Just popped over from the GTI-R list to offer up this group buy to you. The guy in charge is called Graham from the MR2 register. All the details are pasted below, but feel free to contact Graham on [email protected] . Only 2 weeks left before the buy closes though

Cheers, James


Hi all,

I have received a few emails from some of you expressing interest in going
ahead with the GP, but am still awaiting confirmation from some.

To remind those who have asked, and the newcomers - The GP is for supply of
the AVC-R boost controller to your door for an inclusive price of £370. The
supplier is Jason Croft of MTTE. ( ) The price relies on us
getting 20 people on board.

How we have decided to proceed with things are as follows:

The GP will remain 'open' until this time next month (31/8/02). During that
time people should send their payment by cheque to the address below,
payable to 'Jason Croft'. How we will proceed thereafter is the parts will
be ordered (numbers permitting!) and be shipped to your door. The 31st is
the cutoff point though; we cannot afford to leave the GP open longer than
that for logistical reasons. Until this date, however, anyone is welcome to
join the GP as long as their cheques arrive here by the cutoff date.
This will ensure that people have the time to arrange funds, and ensure the
GP moves smoothly.
Everyone's cheques will remain 'un-cashed' until after the 31st, so if you
could please get them here as soon as you can - it will allow me to judge
whether the GP is going to happen or not!

* Please include your name, contact details, and delivery address in the
same envelope as your cheque *

If the numbers are not made up by next month, we will have to look into the
possibility of arranging the GP with smaller numbers, but in the case that
this is impossible I will send your cheques back to you. That's not what we
want though, so get signing!

The address to send your cheques (and details) to is as follows:

Apexi GP
Mr G Shroll
26 Greenfields Avenue
GU34 2ED

Remember, these should be payable to Jason Croft.

OK, Thanks to everyone for sitting tight for so long. Lets get the wheels

Thanks and Regards,
Graham Shroll

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I have seen them from about £430 - £500 after VAT, Delivery etc etc have been added. :(

This £370 price includes VAT, Delivery to your door and the units all have full warranties ;)

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