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On my last trip to Japan I dropped in to see ARC.

Not only was I utterly impressed by the manufacturing of thier products it gave a huge insight into why thier products are not the cheapest and sometime take a while to order. They were kind enough to give me a complete tour as Mr Ito ( President of Do-Luck ) is best friends with the owners of ARC and invited me along to explain what they were all about.

I got to see the manufacturing process and how they hand build each item in house, from making the cooling fins to assembling it all and heat treating it to make the cores. After which the end tanks were all hand fabricated, put together and then the complete items tested prior to being shipped out.

They even had 2 radiators that they had left outside thier facility in the open air to test how their products weather over time, they had been there for 2years already they said - they still looked like new.

Although we have never claimed to be official ARC dealers as such we do use thier products and supply them to customers from time to time - and apart from visiting the Honda factory at Swindon to see cars being made, this little tour was the most impressive engineering shop I have seen in my limited experiences so far as I had previously no idea how the radiators especially were made.

They have a new product which they gave to me as a gift, a new downforce meter. Its about £240 in Japan so I guess the RRP at Sumo will be about £300, it measures the downforce from your rear end, its a cool gismo that also has optional outputs which can be datalogged into most aftermarket ECU's, and especially for the HKS V-Pro. Heres the link :

You can as always buy ARC products from Sumo Power and expect to see more available shortly. I will install the downforce meter on my GTR, will let you know some results when its on. I am also waiting on the English instructions which will help!


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