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Hello Simon,

Don't know if it's the same; that's what I'm trying to find out.
This is what they've got:

RWBNR34 ARC R34 GTR High Mount Rear Wing 69.800
RWBNR34-W ARC R34 GTR High Mount Rear Wing Adjustable 89.800

RWHUBS-S ARC Wing, High type 1200mm 89.800
RWHUBS-M ARC Wing, High type 1350mm 89.800
RWHUBS-L ARC Wing, High type 1500mm 89.800

The mm's refer to the heighth.

Then they've got these profiles (bottom of that page) that fit into the RWHUBS-SML.

So, I'm trying to find out:
a) what the difference is between (RWBNR34/-W) and (RWHUBS-SML)

b) if RWHUBS-SML includes any of the profiles shown at the bottom and if so, which ones.

So far, I haven't got a clue except what I've stated above.

Got any idea ?

Thanks, Andre.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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