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We are Asnu Performance injector main distributors and keep popular fitments in stock, available for the R35 GTR and Skyline RB25 and RB26 engined cars.

The Skyline RB25/26 injectors are a direct fitment using the stock fuel rail if needed, no messing about with changing fuel rails or wiring adaptors. The only thing you will need to do is to remove the injector resistor pack which is a simple process.

For the R35 GTR, again they are a direct fitment and come with wiring adaptor looms to plug into your Nissan loom, so no cutting or wiring needed.

Asnu have fast become the injector to use, UK manufactured and available in many difference sizes from 300cc up to 1100cc.

Asnu Performance Injectors Nissan Skyline RB26 & RB25 - Fuel Components - Skyline - NISSAN - Garage Whifbitz

Asnu Performance Injectors Nissan R35 GTR - Fuel Upgrades - GTR - NISSAN - Garage Whifbitz

Any questions just ask away, picture below are of the RB25/26 injectors fitted to a customers car we did a few weeks ago.


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