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I am testing the water to see what kind of offer I will get for my set of wheels. Bought it AGES ago as I was to put it on my car. Never used it though.

It is refinished in Gun Metal Grey, not a scrach or rock chip, perfect condition.

There is a set of DO1J (265/35/18) on it with almost no thread, 1 track day left at best but I wouldn't use it becuase its been sitting for a long time.

Its the same wheel seen on John's black R33 R1 Nismo Car.

The wheel was made in 1997 (I think) for the R33 GTR. Only 100 set was made and it come with an adaptor to change your wheel hub into a center lock hub (The system was patend to them). Come with a tool kit for everything (including 3 feet long torque bar for the center lug), etc.

The size is 18x9.5, +15mm offset, will fit R32, R33, R34. R32 will want a smaller profile tires (255/35/18), and it shouldn't rub if it isn't lowered too much.

This wheel cost over 400,000 yen when it was avaliable new.

Please make me an offer if interested.
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