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Due to the design of the GTR we are unable to produce the inverted 5100 series damper. as such the 4100 non inverted damper fits perfectly. The 4100 Series are 1-way adjustable shock absorbers.

The 4100 shock absorbers were designed to achieve a quick and easy set up, for the driver looking to make manageable changes from road to track and back with ease.

In the 4100 format we are able to supply shim stacks and settings for a totally road setup, a trackday enthusiast, or a track regular. Springs can be selected with the same characteristics in mind allowing the driver to tell us what they do. We can offer the kit with or without solid top mounts, helping to keep noise and vibration to a minimum for road comfort.

- High end, track ready suspension that is totally streetable
- Rebound Adjustable
- Low friction seal
- Adjuster knobs permanently mounted on the dampers
- Optional spherical top mounts
- Optional DLC Coated shafts
- Rebuildable
- Optional custom valving

£2,014.80 Including VAT and Shipping.

Optional top mounts front £316.80 Including VAT
Optional top mounts rear £316.80 Including VAT

Contact us via Message here, on 01173012542 or [email protected]

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