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If you want a hydraulic pressure sensor take off for the ATTESA, then I have just the thing for you.

It simply screws in between the ATTESA slave cylinder in the back of the transfer box and the hydraulic hose.

This is idea for diagnostics/real time logging etc. Also, if you have fitted a ATTESA controller that does not use the nissan C/U then you will have no idea what pressure you have. With one of these you will.

It comes with 2 1/8 NPT holes in the O/D. This ensures you can access at least one hole when its tightened into place. One will need plugging.

£45 posted.
I can supply a stainless steel hose and industrial 40mm pressure gauge if required. (£80)
Or i can supply a .5 - 4.5v pressure sensor for electronic logging etc. (£90)
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