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Im having a SERIOUS change around on the car front, so my beautiful Allroad has to go.

Its been owned by me from virtually new, was a Demo for Audi for 2 months though first.

Its a 2004 04reg Audi Allroad
2.5V6 TDI 180
Limited Edition.......which means........

Colour coded (pearl black) bumpers, wheelarches and sills. Roof is also colour coded - all these bits would normally be dull plastic.
It also has half electric front seats, the whole car is grey/brown two tone leather which sounds awful but is actually really classy looking

Car also has...

Bose sound upgrade worth a fortune with 6 disc changer and mp3 headunit that also takes memory cards !!
DVD Satnav enhanced worth a fookin fortune with the big TV screen and has latest map for whole of europe
Its TV/DVD ready but needs to be upgraded
Phone ready too but again needs enabling
Brushed alloy roof rails and bumper details

Standard kit if you didnt know includes...

Auto adjusting headlights
Air suspension with 4 ride heights
Tiptronic 5speed
Cruise control
Trip and on board computer
Dog guard, load guard, 12v rear and its own air compressor !!

Its easily the best car I have ever owned. Its been totally reliable and never had a fault. I would keep it but Im getting something rather special instead so it has to go. It has seen me good for some long trips at huge speeds and never murmoured, its sat in traffic for hours and still you dont feel tired, it just is perfect for anyone who wants a quality motor. I wish I could afford to keep it as well as my other plans.

The only bad news is that its now done 69,000 miles in its two years with me and I guess despite these engines doing well over 300,000 miles before anything tends to need replacing people are still mindful of mileage. If you wanted to buy this car new it would be around £37k in this spec, 2nd hand with 25k miles from Audi it would cost you 22-23k. Even with 60k miles they are advertised for 19,500-21,000.

I want 18,500 no offers as I need to clear the finance on the vehicle and have enough left to buy another estate car for my engineers.

This truly is a bargain for such a phenomenal car.



Oh and it will be serviced in the next week or so as the service indicator has just come up so thats £300 you will be saving straight away !!
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