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The car went in a few weeks ago as the auto box was sticking in 1st and 2nd, and would also redline when u put your foot down or kickdown 1 to many gears, they put it down to a faulty speedo converter and then ordered a new one from Japan.

They fitted it and all seemed to be okay, wasn't sticking but as soon as u put your foot down to get past something it would redlline in 3rd around 90mph, u then have to take your foot off and try again and it may work then. Its also does this in power mode and in overdrive?

I know not many ppl on here with GTST's have autos but does anyone have any ideas? To me it sounds like the torque converters can't handle the power?

Any help or advice would be great, the car is gonna go back as soon as they can have it, but would be nice for peace of mind to know what the prob was.

Many thx,
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