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My track attack project,

Skyline R32 GTR

Car was build by Autosaurus Tuning shop (UK)
mapping done by Pro import motorsport (netherlands)

Rb26 Early block (destressed)
87mm pistons 2.7liter
Wossner pocketed forged pistons 8.2-1CR 1.4mm head gasket
FWossner forged steel con rods ARP bolts
ACL race serie's bearings
cranckshaft ballanced and polished
Nissan N1 oil pump
Tomei MLS Gaskets
Oil restrictors
Tomei competition sump baffle kit
autosaurus custom extendid sump 8.5liter
external head oil return
Tomei bronze valve guides
Tomei valve springs 10.85mm
Tomei valve retainers
Tomei Procam 270graden 10.25mm lift
Head flowed
combustion chambers machined.

Trust TD-07S Single Turbo Conversion with 48mm external wastegate
Apexi 145mm super drag intercooler
Greddy Type R Dump valve
Sard 720cc Injectors
Tomei 280 litre per hour in tank lift pump
Autosaurus surge tank with Paxton aeromotive 900BHP fuel pump
Sard Fuel Pressure Regulator
Z32 Air Flow Meters
HKS Fuel rail, twin fed
FET Magic Power ignition Coils
Apexi Power FC with commander
Trust oil cooler & filter relocation
HKS DLI Twin Power ignition amplifier
Apexi AVC-R boost controller
Circle Earth kit
HKS Hard Pipe kit
Trust air filters
Invo 4" exhaust
C's quickshift
OS Giken 2 plate clutch
Electric fan conversion
Autosaurus 1 piece lightweight propshaft
A/C removed
Exhaust gas temp guage
Fuel pressure guage
Air fuell ratio guiage
Skylab 4WD Torque split controller
Greddy allor radiator hose
Rising sun performance hand made
high performance radiator

Bridgestone NPG Coilovers
Cusco sway bars front & rear
Rose jointed drop links
Cusco front tie bars
Cusco front chassis brace
KTS adjustable front top arms
HKS Kansai front strut brace, Cusco rear
D2 8 pot calipers on 330mm discs front
Ferodo DS2500 pads all round
3g slotted rear discs
Do Luck centre brace
Driftworks & Super Pro poly bushes
D-max rear tie arms
D-max adjustable rear arms
Hicas removed
KTS C pillar brace
KTS boot floor brace
KTS 7 point roll cage
N1 rear wheel spats
Japsalon Z lightweight GRP bonnet
Carbon fibre bootlid
3D Rear spoiler
Garage Defend carbon cooling panel
5Zigen Pro Racer GN wheels with Falken FK452 tyres
Sparco bucket seat
KTS 4 point drivers harness, Luke 3 point passenger harness
De badged
Stripped out interior
Front splitter
Ep Racing carbon fiber canards

YouTube - Autosaures R32 GTR | HD - Long version

Full HD movie driving it on the zandvoort track running on only 1.2bar.

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Hi Peter

Welcome. I had a good noise at this car when i was there and the engine whilst it was being built. The car looked great and those coilovers are super stiff, i bet it's fun on the circuit! Nice to see it all together, hope you're happy with it!

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anyone tryed putting ferrodo DS3000 pads on the D2 discs???? got 8pot callipers, think the dics wil be gone within 10 laps:D need some more agressive stopping power...
if i want to brake just littlebit when going into a corner to fast is dousnt react.. you realy have to push it hard and than it grips... but your already to late at that time...

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Proper job!
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