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Thanks R32 Combat/Andy for rushing the Skylab Fusion out to me today even though you just got back from holiday. Awsome service mate :smokin:

Was in a bit of a bind with my g-sensor being borked and needing to leave for CPoP tomorrow.
I'll admit it the old one was probably on it's way out for a good long time having had intermittent problems with it flashing up codes. Either way it needed replaced and i had planned on replacing it a some point with a digital g-sensor.

Easy to follow instructions, after a couple of bolts and soldering, job jobbed :)
cup of coffee, and out for a test drive.

It plays nice with the Field ET-S too (since that wires into the ATTESSA), but once i'm back i'll probably remove that and attach the Skylab controller and use that instead of using the g-sensor part as a stock replacement.
I'll need to remake my stealth center storage bin mounting solution though :)

Got some poke of the line now too :) almost manage to wap the torque gauge up to full traversing the car park. maybe it helps if power is actually being sent to the front wheels and i'm not just toasting my rears like before :chuckle:
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