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Full respray in original TH1 (original colour was TH1)
N1 engine block
Robson leather Japan full interior retrim (leather front and rear set)
Robson leather JP Door inserts
Robson leather JP brake gaitors
Robson leather jp dash retrim
Robson leather JP Steering wheel
Robson leather carbon door handles & surround
Robson leather JP carbon centre console
Robson leather jp carbon ignition cover
GT-R magazine boot insert
GT-R magazine floor mats (front and rear)
Nissan door and centre console knee pads (option)
Nissan boot carpet
Nissan ignition harness
Nissan vents (dash/centre)
Nissan R34 pedal set & rest
Nissan C pillar interior panels
Nissan Wiper Arm Set (inc rear)
Nissan fan belt set
Nissan wheel arch liners (L&R)
Nissan wind deflector set
Nissan N1 Headlights
Nissan fan shroud & fan
Nissan centre lid option
Nissan R34 Brake cylinder
Nissan scuttle panel
Nissan washer tank
Nissan full badge set
Nissan battery tray
Nissan coolant overflow tank
Endless brake stopper
Cusco numberplate relocate
Rays / Volk TE37 MKV2s (bronze)
Brembo GT-R big brake kit (front and rear)
Greddy mag drain bolt
Greddy alloy top hose (radiator)
Greddy oil cooler
Quest LED Reverse lights
Rocket Dancer Rear carbon flap
Rocket Dancer bonnet lip
Top Secret Oil Catch tank
Top Secret 35 injector spacer set (injectors)
Top Secret carbon front diffuser
ARC Air separator
ARC Radiator
ARC Engine Plaque
Splitfire Coils
Garage Defend Carbon Cooling Panel
HKS Cam Outlet
HKS Fcon &harness
Tomei ARM turbines
Tomei Ti Straight pipe
Sard R2D2 Bovs
MCR Anti Glare lenses
Nitron type 3 coilovers
Do Luck DTM
Nissan Fuel Filter
Greddy Profec boost controller
Nismo clutch line
Nismo copper mix
Nismo slave cylinder
Nismo engine mounts
Nismo intercooler piping
Nismo Intercooler
Nismo fuel pressure reg
Nismo twin turbo replacement pipe
Nismo fuel filler cap
Nismo clutch pedal bracket
Nismo Plenum
Nismo Ti Tower Bar
Nismo trunk brace
Nismo mirror carbon cover
Nismo oil filter
Nismo carbon airbox
Nismo white centre gauge set
Nismo white speedo cluster
Nismo full circuit link set
Nismo sway bar set (F&R)
Nismo rear upper link set (r )
Nismo rear upper link set (F)
Nismo Rear A arm
Nismo Front upper link set
Nismo areo (side skirts, spats and rear mud guards, intercooler vents)
Nismo intercooler guide
Nismo wheel nut set
Nismo rear tower bar
Midori Turbo Outlets
Midori R35 AFM set
Midori Fuel Rail
Midori R35 Injector set
Midori Ti Muffler
Midori Ti front pipe
Midori ignition Amp
Midori spoiler gaskets
Midori shifter
Midori Fuel pump
Midori engine covers
Midori HICAS delete
Carbon radiator brackets
Spoon collar set (F&R)

No Nismo Performance damper set..???

I'm shocked!!


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Brakes (Brembo BBK F and R) on order with JDL in Poland. waiting on Brembo Italy to deliver them to JDL, then onward freight to Tokyo.

oddly 15 years ago this month, took delivery of this (via Newera) and 11 years ago the 34...time moves too quick.:squintdan (as to car prices)

anyway updates on the 32, its being moved into the workshop for the overhaul shortly :bowdown1::smokin:

ETA still next year. (Need a new garage built to hold it)

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anyway updates on the 32, its being moved into the workshop for the overhaul shortly :bowdown1::smokin:

ETA still next year. (Need a new garage built to hold it)
Build the garage at mine, I've got the room? Make it big enough for my 33 too..? Lol :D Can't wait to see some updates & pictures. :)

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I've had to wait up to a year for Brembo specially made parts before... (Not for a car).

Being Italian, they have a "manhana! - manhana!" attitude to life, I think. Worth waiting for though... :chuckle:

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Is that your car I spy in the back of Miguel's garage?

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hi scott

first time i have logged on in about 2 months.

yes thats my 32. The spoiler is not fitted (obviously :chuckle:) as its back from paint shop. Midori muffler is not on either. suspension taking shape, but its so hot in tokyo that little by little its being finished. no rush. dont expect to see it until next year. Then hope to drive it in to Tokyo as a friend wanted to see it. He had an impreza RA, when was younger but crashed it on the C1 during the crazy 90s car scene. so his keen to see it.

Brake set arrived from Brembo Italy in Tokyo now (front and rear). They were just over £6k so having to take a it easy for a while on the 32 project but everything is purchased. its just the tune i need to save for at Midori.

got the new nismo oil cooler in my sights but will pick that up later this month when i swing by Omori

Got quite a few additional items ready to fit:smokin:

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Did a bit of car spotting today & picked up last few bits for the build

New cooler for 32/33/34 (yup I’m installing one)


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Went back to Omori today

Picked up the shift boots (gaiters) that I forgot last week - build (parts wise) now complete

Yes this was a genuine “box” gt-r :smokin:


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well hell. 7 years without a GT-R and I think I need to get back to one. Upside: now legal in the US. Downside: US market demand has made prices absolutely stupid.

I think I'd want to start with a rolling shell anyways; hopefully those can still be found at reasonable prices.

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shed loads have happened since last update. Including catching up with Gio, (who built the Hipo) but enough about that...

car is 99% Complete, (as per updates on FB)

just need rear wiper to go on (new badge set installed today), then it's off to Midori in July

having seen the car last week, super happy with it, and the ground up build that it was.

sure it's taken time, but everything has to be

a) bought new
b) done correctly

no doubt Midori will show case it on their blog, if they wish.

Not entirely sure that people are realistic on what this type of build cost, but end result is epic


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last bits being fitted now.

Sard R2s
New OEM window visors
Nismo Omori Carbon bumper surround
Garage Defend cooling panel
AN fittings for Top Secret catch tank
OEM knee rests
Nismo optional intercooler surround
spoon collar kit and MCR collars

Midori will fit

Midori Fuel rail
R35 injectors
TS Spacer kit for Injectors
Paint cam covers
Mapping via HKS Fcon

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