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This is the final spec.

The sard R2D2 bovs didnt make the cut, as midori were not happy with them, so i run standard oem

Omori carbon airbox is on back order currently.

Obviously loads of little oem plastics (interior) etc that were replaced From Nissan.

Still from what i can remember, having bought it all new...(bar the little OEM bits that were optional)


Robson Leather interior retrim throughout, with red stitching
Robson Leather Door Cards
Robson leather steering wheel retrim of standard 32 wheel
Robson leather leather front seats
Robson leather retrim alcantra dash
Robson leather handbrake and shifter boots
Robson Leather Carbon door handle surrounds
Robson leather carbon door switch set
Robson Leather Carbon centre surround
Nissan optional Knee pads
Nissan optional drinks holder centre console (retrim by Robson)
BNR34 Nur pedal set
Nissan IBO Optional Alloy Foot Rest
Midori gear shifter
GT-R Magazine Floor Mat set (front and rear)
GT-R Magazine Trunk Mat
Greddy Profec Controller
Do Luck Torque Split Controller
Defi BF Oil Temp, Oil Pressure, Water Temp Gauge, Boost (60mm)
Nismo White 320kph Clocks
Nismo Centre Triple Gauge Cluster
Nismo carbon mirror cover


Quest LED Reverse light set
Nissan side spats
Nissan rear bumper spats
Nissan Projector Headlights
Fujimua Auto Rocket Dancer Front Carbon bonnet lip
Top Secret Front Carbon Splitter
Nismo Intercooler surround
Nismo Omori Carbon muffler surround
Nismo Fuel cap cover (old type)
Nissan Optional Wind Deflector set (rain guard)
Blue Tint Mirror Glass (side mirrors)

Wheels and Brakes

Rays TE37v’s MK2s (18 x 9.5, 15 J) Bronze, with Rays black centre caps
Rays DURA - Locking Wheel Nut Set
Tyres are 245/40 R/18
Brembo GT-R Big Brake Kit 6 piston type, 355mm front , 4 piston type, 345 (rear)
Brembo Braided brake lines.

Clutch and transmission

Nismo braided clutch hose
Nismo Coppermix Clutch (competition type)
Nismo Big operating Cylinder
BNR34 Clutch Reservoir


Nitron UK NTR R3 Coilover Shocks
Nismo circuit link set
Nismo Front upper links set
Nismo Rear A Arm Set
Nismo Rear Upper Link set (front)
Nismo Rear Upper Link set (rear)
Nismo sway bar set (Front and Rear) (Stabilizer Kit)
Nismo rear trunk brace
Nismo Under Floor Reinforcing Bar (front and rear)
Nismo reinforced steering gear bush mount
Midori HICAS delete set
Spoon Sports, Rigid Collar Set, Front and Rear


N1 24U Block
HKS V-Cam (type 1)
Nismo engine mount set
Nismo Intercooler Pipe set
Nismo Intercooler
Nismo Intake Collector (plenum)
Nismo air inlet pipe
Nismo timing belt
Nismo fuel pressure regulator
Nismo headgasket
Nismo titanium tower bar
Nissan R35 Injector set
Top Secret R35 injector collar set
Top Secret Catch Tank
Splitfire Coil pack set
Tomei Manifolds (Type 2)
Tomei turbine M7655
Tomei titanium Decat pipe
HKS ancillary belts
Midori R35 Air Flow Meter set
Midori turbo outlets
Midori fuel pump
Midori fuel rail
Midori painted ARC engine covers
Midori Titanium Muffler (silent high power type)
Midori turbine outlet pipe set
Midori Titanium front pipe
Midori Fuel rail
Midori high capacity ignition amp
Midori mapped ROM
Zealous Titanium bonnet stay
Garage Defend Carbon Cooling Panel
Apexi Panel Filter
Greddy metal radiator hose
ARC Radiator SMC55 Core & ARC radiator cap
Carbon radiator stays
Kinokuni AN Fittings and Braided catch tank line

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The car was stripped down and painted, etc all takes time. It was a good base car just that I’m über fussy with wanting it all looking new

should be in U.K. soon

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Bloody hell Matt, you have more Nismo than me! :LOL: Interested in your opinion on the Nismo reinforcement bars, they're on my list along with the Do-Luck side bars. Seen them on Aki's blog with good results. :)

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Hi Ben

what exact part do you mean ? I have the full nismo catalogue apart from the dampers (front and rear ) I think you mean these?

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Hi Ben

what exact part do you mean ? I have the full nismo catalogue apart from the dampers (front and rear ) I think you mean these?
Hi mate, sorry, I meant the Nismo under floor reinforcement bars (front and rear) :)

No Nismo oil cooler? Haha 😉 I'm in the process of finishing the install of mine, need to get the plenum off to install the adaptor and oil lines, then install the Nismo plenum. :love:

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Yes I have the oil cooler it’s not fitted tho. It had a Greddy one but was removed at midori. The bars I’m sure will be ok, have to cut the rear carpet to fit tho

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Thanks. Got the steering wheel done, centre console, front and rear seats, door cards, etc. and alot of carbon ...Robson did the job.

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The one item I can’t fit is the gauge pod done by Robson ..(as it would have to be attached to the dash & that’s a no. No )

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