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Thought this might be of interest.
While leafing through the latest copy of Banzai, Issue 11, bemoaning the usual lack of anything Skyline related, I came across the following one page 82.


"I don't like pessimism, but I was disappointed with a recent Skyline club meet. I found 20-odd cars outside but a distinct lack of owners. Plenty of people in the pub, though. I only knew two members' names so I worked my way through every beer-clenching group to find 'em. No luck. Popped outside again and found, with one exception, the owners to be unfriendly and uncooperative. I wasn't in the mood of this, so I went home. Heard later they were expecting substantial evidence of who I was. What do you mean? Signwritten car, Ali G-style Banzai jacket and a rousing fanfare? Sure. To make matters worse, the club's website reckoned I'd made a blunder. Eh? come on guys, let's show some solidarity!"
Joe Clifford.

"unfriendly and uncooperative" ... must be the southern lot :))

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