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Went on my first track day on saturday, what a great day !!!

Even though it was wet had some good fun with me mates.(Dan 200sx, Paul Supra.
Done a nice 360 spin then popped a few flames. The event was set out well it had 3 fast straights and a really tight section (well for skylines and supra's anyway)!!
Did try me hardest round the tighty's to keep of the elises but they were quick round that bit of the track, so sollowed them back up on the straights though!!!
Got it all on camera aswell so hopefully will let u know the link once Paul sorts it out!!!
Got a nice bit of racing (proper bumper to bumper action) between my skyline, Supra, Pulsar, 200sx, And alot of power slides.!!

Anyway just to let u guys know i fitted some Porterfield racing pads all round for the track day on standard disks, and they were the dogs nuts!!! recommed them any day..
Got me other bits fitted aswell Apexi exhaust and airfilters, hks adj suspension, braided hoses. Waiting for me Power Fc and Boost controller, then i can have some more fun (Need more power!! ).

Got all me bits from Paul. He was very helpful and done me a good price for all those bits!!! Cheers Paul Whifbitz


Laters better do some work now !!!


:D :D
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