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I currently have a bit of a problem with the battery running flat on my car. I replaced the battery recently as this seemed to be the cause of the problem. However I went to start the car this morning and the battery was completely dead again! The car is only being used perhaps 2-3 times a week with the odd long run mixed in with the usual shorter hops. When I take the car out for a longer run, this seems to charge the battery enough to keep it going for a couple of days, which suggests that the altenator is ok?

Any suggestions on what the problem could be, I am thinking it may be the altenator, but not sure?

If so, how much does a new altenator cost and where is the best place to pick one up, also is this something I could fit myself fairly easily, I am not the most technically adept, but can at least hold a spanner.:shy:

The car is a '94 R32 GTR.
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