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Bee*R Power Builder / Rev Limiter

I have the above for sale, its Brand New and un-fitted as the pictures show.

Its a great tool to stop over revving of the engine, it is an ignition cut rather than fuel cut system which the standard rev limiter does. Helps to prolong engine life. This is a marmite product, you'll either love it or hate it so please do your research.

As a by product it throws out huge flames and loud pops/bangs (great for getting the message across to tail-gaiters).

You can set the rev limit in 500 RPM increments

Also has a launch control function which can be wired up to your handbrake

Final option is to set the length and intenisty of the flames.

Full fitting instructions can be found on Driftworks or there maybe a link or two if you search on this forum unless you read Japanese. Youtube will have lots of videos if you want to see demos.

Let me know if you have any questions.

These retail at over £200 inc P&P from Newera, Nengun, RHDJapan etc.

Looking for £150 inc P&P in UK or £160 inc P&P for mainland Europe.

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