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I owned a Skyline GT-T ( single turboed ), and wished to upgrade my power output. After reading lots in this forum, i decided to go the safe way to increase boost with ECU upgrade cause most does boost upgrade along with the ECU upgrade. Now i need help in choosing the best reprogramable ECU there is in the market.

I was gonna go boost up with no ECU upgrade. Is this a wise choice if i ONLY wants to do a 0.9 bar daily use with up to 1.2 bar scramble boost? I need a lot of inputs so please do not hesitate to give me any knowledge you have.

Please state the ECU recommended and please rate the user friendliness grade. I am particularly interested on APEXi POWER FC and HKS F-CON V pro or F-CON S.

I have some additional question:
1. Are ECU upgrades self reprogramable? or does it has to be remapped by tuner technician?
2. If it is self reprogramable, will i need additional tools (laptop, tuning software,etc) to remap those ECU? or it can be done with the provided parts?
3. Are any of the ECU i mentioned above has a self learning mode that optimize whatever upgrade setting i have on my car without me having to input the map data myself?

Thanks in advance to those who are willing to help me.


PS: any additional advice will be appreciated, i need all the things i need to know, i am a newbie in tuning.
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