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Just wanted to post a great big thank you to the guys at Welcome -

I turned up this morning for an oil change, and for a rear diffuser to be fitted. As always, nothing goes to plan well for me :) The diffuser wasn't made for my car, and I had no brackets. (I supplied the diffuser, so was my own fault), but Lee said "No worries, I'll make some brackets, and make it fit." It is now on my car and is fitted perfect! Well done Lee, thank you, its looks f'n awesome!

The exhaust had also rotted away to dust! The bend in the pipe, where it knocks on speed bumps, was now just a massive whole!!!! It was so bad that even the welds to the muffler were hanging on with about 1cm of metal that was left. The GTRShop rescued me again, as they had an exhaust in stock, and fitted it right then and there, no bother, none of this we're busy etc. It was straight on, oil changed, and back on the road!

Thanks for everything today guys, and will see you again for further work! My car is getting closer and closer to being the ideal ride for me :) I couldn't have got this far without you guys, so again thanks!

DaveW you're a legend!

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