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Before everyone starts flaming me, I’m not a disgruntled Blackjax customer nor do I wish a refund as once Blackjax is activated it’s a good bit of kit. Blackjax is not a Car alarm and most alarm systems are really a tactic to hinder or delay Scumbags. It has got “Autoimmobilization” facility (which I’d advice using if yours fails the test)

In the past there been lots of Car security and theft threads but most Car Forums frown on divulging weak points in Security systems as it could help Scumbags. Unfortunately Scumbags know all about weak points and it is US lot that don’t.

I have owned 4 Subarus and been well aware of Hijacking, aggravated theft in your own home and stolen keys issues etc. One friend was stabbed and another had broken wrist when thrown from his Car.

A couple of Subarus with Blackjax fitted had been stolen but had failed stopped their theft puzzling their owners and Scoobynet. Blackjax is an anti-Hijack system and is designed to work if a Scumbag has your Key. It has always had a reputation worldwide and a favourite with many well known high performance and luxury Marques.

Because of Blackjax reputation, yesterday I had one fitted to my Car as a bit of added security to my existing alarm. I was very impressed with the system, operation and the installation. I discovered in about 2 hours of ownership the ***** in its armour. I was gob smacked when I realised how easy it is was for anyone to disable activation. Carefully it only took me 10 seconds a Scumbag would only need 2 seconds and snip it becomes a useless Paperweight.

I will not divulge how on an open forum but if you have Blackjax installed and wish to know if yours is as vulnerable as mine.

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