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I have this full kit available to me for a very low price. I have seen the pics and from the recon notes both the turbos and the gates are in top nic. I just want to know if any one has any info on them. I know they are popular for porches and audi kits. Ijust have some basic questions

I still have 2.6 capacity the top has been cleaned up and now carries 270/9.7 cams on both sides by JUN.

Will they diliver 400KW at the wheels and what sort of responce will they offer on an RB26?

For street use I am looking at no more than 450ps at the wheels but for track, i do want to wind them up. The exhaust is 4" all the way. The gates vent into atmosphere and dups are as big as i have ever seen. The CAT is a 5inch race item (1070cfm of flow from the cat). I have a trust intercooler with 3" inlet and 4" outlet (i think its 115mm thick).

Look any info or links are very welcome.

thank you all
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