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I'm selling my boxed with english instructions as new condition blitz spec s electronic boost controller.

These retail for £320.19 inc p&p from BLITZ UK

I'm after £180 ovno inc RMSD

The Spec S is the most cost effective boost controller available from Blitz. It features a single solenoid that diverts pressure away from the turbo actuator to achieve higher boost. This solenoid is linked to a smart control unit installed inside the car, which allows you to adjust the boost pressure manually.

The control unit has four programmable channels, each of which can be programmed with an individual boost setting to suit driving conditions or styles. For example, if it’s wet and you’re struggling around town to get traction, then you can select a channel you’ve set up with low boost. Alternatively if you’re taking part in a track day and want maximum speed, then you can select a channel with high boost for maximum power.
Another key feature of the SBC Spec S is a programmable boost limiter, which when activated prevents possible engine damage caused by the turbo(s) over boosting. You also have the option to enter a boost warning level, when this level is reached the control unit will alert you by beeping and changing the LCD background colour to Red. The Spec S is recommended up to 18 Psi.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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