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I am selling some of my toys,the "Beast" as you may already know belongs completely now to Gary of GT-A R T & now for the first time since I purchased the vehicle from Blitz Race Logic 19 months ago I offer to you guys the chance to own one of the worlds most well known Jap super cars,the Blitz Race Logic Supra........

The Supra is road legal & on a "V" plate(1st reg Jan 2000).It is taxed ready to go & has a Thatcham cat.1 alarm.

This car cost over £100,000 to build at Blitz in Japan and held the record at the Nurburgring for the Worlds fastest lap of the Nordschleife,as the old track is known!

This car is very fast,two "Konig" carbon-fibre race seats and a
"Heigo"roll cage.606BHP at 1.5bar boost.With full Race Logic traction control and massive KKK turbochargers this is awesome!

Offered at £24,000(UK Pounds)Own a piece of motorsport history & park it next to your Skyline.

I am a Builder by trade NOT a car salesman,No part-ex considered

Henry [email protected]
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