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For sale:

Blue E-Manage with all required harnesses/Sensors (Pressure sensor/Harness, Ignition/Injector Harness, Main Harness.)

Item Condition:

Used but in perfect visual/working condition.

Price and price conditions:

£250ovno inc delivery.

Extra Info:

Was going to keep this for the GT4 but have plans, so up we go with this and see how I do.. ;)

e-Manage is an inexpensive programmable fuel management system that allows you to properly tune your factory fuel system without having to change the entire factory ECU system to an expensive "stand-alone" unit. The e-Manage system is a universal "piggy-back" type unit which taps into most Japanese factory ECU wiring, by utilizing the existing sensors. Basic functions will allow the user to slightly alter factory injector duty-cycle (± 20% at 5 preset RPM points) by intercepting and altering airflow or MAP sensor signals. For Honda VTEC cars you can adjust the VTEC shift point. Additional features are built into the system but are only accessible through the use of the e0-1 programmer or our PC-Windows based "e-Manage Support Tool" communication software (Please see our Authorized GReddy Support Dealers for more information). There is a 16x16 airflow adjustment map, larger main injector correction adjustment, upgrade air flow meter adjustment, boost limiter cut, anti-engine stall, VTEC-fuel adjustment, real-time map trace, real-time display, real-time communication and basic Data-logging. With the use of our "Optional Injector Harness" and the software, the unit has the ability to control an additional 16x16 injector duty cycle map and the controls for adding up to 2 additional sub-injectors. If the "Optional Ignition Harness" and the software are used the unit has the ability to control a 16x16 ignition timing map. All of the above maps can also be map-traced in real-time as well. If the factory range of map or airflow meter is surpassed, you can incorporate our "Optional GReddy Pressure Sensor and Pressure Harness" to set larger scales of adjustment. All installation and tuning should only be made by a trained technician with proper air/fuel monitoring tools. (Some functions may not be compatible with some applications.)

Contact Details:

E-mail/MSN @ [email protected] or PM me.


Stranraer, Scotland.

Delivery & Conditions of Delivery:

Delivery £ is inc in above price. Handling time is approx 1 day. All items sent when payment has cleared.

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do you know if that will fit any car, is the wiring specific to jap ecu's?

i ask because i have a friend that wants to D.I.Y turbo his 1800cc uk mazda mx5 and hes not sure how to modify the ecu to cope.

another option hes considering would be to fit the mazda with an EFI 4600cc rover v8 and twin turbo or supercharge it and have the greddy e-manage added to the ecu?
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